Vicorder-2 CO Central CV Trending Monitor

Blood pressure cuff based Cardiac Output and Central Haemodynamic Trending

Product Information

PWA Trending

The new Pulse Wave Trending mode has been developed from the Advanced Cadiovascular Upgrade package in the Vicorder-2, which has become a mainstay of CV research for the measurement of central blood pressure and associated haemodynamic indices. Providing automation for all central parameters with selectable interval timing and trend graphing it is designed for use in pharmaceutical/clinical trials and high dependency monitoring applications.

BP Trend Mode

Rapid BP acquisition on the inflate cycle provides systolic and diastolic BP every 10-15 secs dependent upon sys pressure. BP Trend mode includes display of the oscillometric waveform and bell curve for quialiy control purposes in realtime or review modes. BP Trend mode is designed for use when rapid BP changes might occur e.g. during anaesthetic induction or during haemodialysis or during infusion studies etc.

Vicorder-2 CO

enables the safe monitoring of patients anywhere in the hospital from the ward to theatres and MRI. The simple user interface and single button operation is allied to the familiar use of a standard BP cuff means establishing haemodynamic baseline and trends has bever been easier.

Vicorder-2 CO

is the cost-effective solution with no dedicated or expensive consumables or contract requirements